Miken Softball Bat- Miken Ultra 2 Red Maxload

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Bat Tested: Miken Ultra 2 Maxload

Reviewed By: Patrick (5’11’, 190lbs, 27 years old) & Dennis (5’9″, 170lbs, 68 years old)

Length and Weight: 34/30

Rated 1-5 (5 Highest Ranking-1Lowest Ranking)

Power/Pop Off Bat: 5

Grip: 4

Feel: 5

Control: 5

Price: 4

Overall Rating: 4.5

Patrick’s Review

I have been using a Miken Ultra 2 Red Maxload playing recreationally with my Dad for the past two years.  We have Home Run Derby’s between the two of us at different fields here in the islands.  We use 12” X-Rock Balls, and shoot for the fences.   I mostly use the 34/30 Ultra 2 Maxload, and my dad uses a 34/28 Ultra 2 Maxload.

Besides for maybe an original Miken Ultra 1 Gray(which isn’t made anymore), the Ultra 2 is the best overall bat I have ever used.  It has great pop off the sweet spot.  With the Maxload’s extra weight at the end of the barrel, you can definitely feel the bat come through with more velocity as you snap your wrists and because of this I think it is important for the batter to have strong hands and wrists to take full advantage of the weighted cap.  This sometimes feels as though you are clubbing the ball.  I hit home runs anywhere from 300-400 feet with this bat.

The main characteristic I would give this bat is that it’s incredibly solid.  The grip is nice, but with significant use it definitely wears down, and if you have opposite handed batters using the bat, I have actually seen the grip become unraveled.  Overall, I love the Miken Ultra 2 Maxload and would recommend it to people looking for power, but more importantly an overall solid bat.  Be sure to check out the sequence shots below, as well as video of the Miken Ultra 2 Red Maxload in action.

Dennis’ Review

The Miken Ultra 2 Maxload is my favorite bat. I have been using the Ultra 2 Maxload for about three years now, and it is by far the best overall bat for power and pop off of the bat. Besides for being my favorite bat, I also think that the Red Ultra is the most popular among competitive Senior Softball Leagues throughout the country. Last Fall I attended Huntsman Games in St. George, Utah. The majority of people there were swinging the Ultra 2 Maxload.

I play softball 4-5 days a week so my bats see a lot of action. I have noticed that after heavy, heavy use, the composite construction of the bat tends to start to crack. I am still a big fan of the bat, regardless of any wear issues I have encountered.

The power off this bat is great. I can hit balls 10-20 feet further than a non-maxload Miken Ultra 2 Black. The weight at the end of the bat helps with arm and wrist extension to help aid in bat speed and power. The feel of the bat is smooth, but you can definitely feel the weighted end snapping your wrists through the plate. I love my Ultra 2 Maxload, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great all round bat with exceptional power.

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