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Miken Softball Bat- Miken Ultra Special Edition Bat Reviews

Bat Tested: Miken Ultra Special Edition

Reviewed By: Patrick (5’11’, 190lbs, 27 years old) & Dennis (5’9″, 170lbs, 68 years old)

Length and Weight: 34/30

Power/Pop Off Bat: 5

Grip: 4

Feel: 5

Control: 4

Price: 3.5

Overall Rating: 4.5

Patrick’s Review

When the Miken Ultra Special Edition came out last year everyone thought that the original Miken Ultra was back. While this a great bat, and actually has become one of my favorites opposite of the Miken Ultra 2 Maxload, it is not a newer version of the Miken Ultra original.

The swing using this bat is similar to a Miken Ultra 2. Balanced and smooth, but to me the ball seems to explode off the bat like an Ultra 2 Maxload. I was hitting balls with this bat just as far as the maxload, and they all felt really solid. The bat is a 100% composite with their E-Flex Technology which helps absorb and then transfer the power from the bat to the ball. The grip is not as nice as the new pebbled grips on a lot of other bats today, but still decent.

This is a great bat, and the more and more I use it, the more I like it.

Dennis’ Review

The Miken Ultra Special Edition is a nice balanced bat, with good power and feel. I would compare it to the Miken Ultra 2, it feels and hits similar. My son Patrick actually thinks this bat is as powerful as the Ultra 2 Maxload, but I don’t. While it is a great bat, it just doesn’t hit the ball as far as when I am hitting with an Ultra 2 Maxload. I think that they made a nice attempt to make it like the original Ultra, but came up short in overall power and distance. Like the Black Ultra, if I didn’t know the red existed this would probably be my top bat.

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